Wednesday, 18 April 2007

To the Bat-Phone!

Annoyed by shrill, insistent ring-tones? Exasperated by incessant blether on the train? Calm yourself. Remember the main advantage of mobile phones …

… you can now be sure that, while you were out, Batman has not had to smash through your window to make an urgent call.

Panels from:
Batman “How Many Ways Can a Robin Die?” by Frank Robbins (writer), Irv Novick and Dick Dillin (pencillers) and Dick Giordano (inker), Batman issue 246, December 1972, reprinted in Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Volume 2, DC Comics, 2007


Siskoid said...

Well, you really just replace one problem for another, don't you?

What happens now is that you forget your mobile at home and Batman crashes in to stop that infernal ringing. Dude can't stand the macarena ringtone.

Meeshum Harker said...

Dat Bat can do dat.

Dec'hemi '72 wuz a damn good mumph.