Sunday, 15 April 2007

See-Through Sue

See-Through Sue! That’s a much catchier name than “the Invisible Woman”. See-Through Sue! That’s what we want. See-Through Sue versus Paste-Pot Pete! See-Through Sue and Rubber-Limbed Reed versus Paste-Pot Pete. With Brick-Built Ben.

But Johnny will have to get a new name if this is going to work.

Panel from
Fantastic Four “Sue Storm in … The Spy I Couldn’t See” by Zeb Wells (writer), Kano and Alvaro Lopez (artists), Lee Loughridge (colourist), Dave Sharpe (letterer) and Mark Paniccia (editor), Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four issue 18, reprinted in Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four Volume 5 All 4 One, 4 for All, Marvel Comics, 2007

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