Friday, 6 April 2007

Time’s Fool

Saturday’s Doctor Who story on BBC1 features an appearance by William Shakespeare. Rose met Dickens on her first trip to the past, Martha meets Shakespeare, so it’ll be Chaucer for the next travelling companion, I suppose.

Shakespeare was also a character in the last Doctor Who Magazine comic strip to feature the ninth (Ecclestone) Doctor. In keeping with the unusually close relationship between the TV show and its ancillary fiction, the same writer, Gareth Roberts, wrote both that comic strip and the TV episode.

If Roberts has maintained his characterisation of Shakespeare as a lecher, I wonder if we will learn tomorrow that Martha was the dark lady of the sonnets?

Panels from:
Doctor Who “A Groatsworth of Wit” Part 2, by Gareth Roberts (story), Mike Collins (pencil art), David A Roach (inks), James Offredi (colours), Roger Langridge (letters), Clayton Hickman & Scott Gray (editors), Doctor Who Magazine issue 364, 4 January 2006

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