Monday, 19 November 2007

The Unread Thing

I gather that The Book I Cannot Acquire includes a pastiche Cthulhu story in the style of PG Wodehouse.

This has, of course, been done before, in Scream for Jeeves by PH Cannon. Let Bully tell you all about it.


Richard said...

Did you get your email - it's meant to be on it's way. Estimated delivery 18th december.
lovely christmas present.

Steve Flanagan said...

Yes, I did, thanks - the e-mail arrived about 20 minutes before you commented, Richard (but still well past my bedtime!).

A partial relief, but I now keep conjuring up other things that could go wrong (seized by Customs because of the Tijuana Bible, given to the tax service's postman to deliver ...), so I won't have entire peace of mind til it's in my hands.