Friday, 23 November 2007

Doctor Who is 44 today…

… and I can think of absolutely nothing interesting about the number 44.

So, instead, here’s a lovely drawing by Roger Langridge from the 35th anniversary comic strip, published in Doctor Who Magazine issue 272 (Marvel UK, 1998), and reprinted in Doctor Who: The Glorious Dead (Panini Books, 2006). It’s worth clicking-to-enlarge for all the figures in the crowd. I particularly like the Sontaran impersonating Grimly Feendish.

Happy anniversary, Doctor Who!


Tim Chapman said...

I'm sorry to say I can recognise every character in that - even the obscure ones like the 'Oh pants' chap in the foreground.

Sadly, the show's first producer, Verity Lambert, appears to have passed away -

Tim Chapman said...
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James Diggs said...

Thanks for sharing the picture, it's great!!



Steve Flanagan said...

Sadly, the BBC has confirmed the news of Verity Lambert's death. I've posted about it here.