Saturday, 3 November 2007

More about The DFC

I had forgotten, when I posted about The Guardian's comic section strip Robot Girl being a feature of an upcoming comic called The DFC, that Rich Johnston had posted about it in Lying in the Gutters back in September:

"David Fickling Books, publishers of Lyra's Oxford, are publishing a new anthology comic. Called The DFC, it will be subscription only and feature a mix of genres. One named is Robot Girl, another is by His Dark Materials' Phillip Pullman."

A bit more poking around turned up this thread on the Google Group "Graphic novels in libraries UK", about a presentation David Fickling gave in July about his plans. The main additional information is that political cartoonist and children's book illustrator Chris Riddell is also a contributor.

Which leaves one more question.

Is it really a good idea for David Ficking Books to use stylised male genitalia as a logo?

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