Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Shiny shiny

Christina Strain’s rich, silky colours on Runaways, particularly the second set of panels (featuring Karolina) that I posted yesterday, kept reminding me of someone’s work, but I couldn’t remember whose. Then it struck me: Ron Embleton.

I don’t imagine that there was any direct influence. More likely, they were both thinking of someone like Titian. But any pretext to post some pretty pictures is fine by me.

Plate by Ron Embleton from Caesar’s Legions: The Roman Soldier 753 BC to 117 AD by Nicholas V Sekunda, Simon Northwood and Michael Simkins, illustrated by Richard Hook, Angus McBride and Ron Embleton, omnibus edition published by Osprey Publishing, 2000

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, by Angus P Allan (writer) and Ron Embleton (artist), TV 21 issue 143, 14 October 1967, reprinted in Action 21 issue 2, August 1988

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