Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Dandy Downer

Lew Stringer has spotted that the subscription page for The Dandy - home of Desperate Dan and Beryl the Peril - now lists it as appearing fortnightly, down from weekly.

Presumably, publishers DC Thomson plan to sell more of each issue by keeping it on sale twice as long. The risk, of course, is that The Dandy will lose visibility and momentum, leading to falling sales. Let’s hope that the former is the outcome.

It’s a sad state of affairs. The Dandy is due to turn 70 this December, and is Britain’s longest running comic still in production. Indeed, even globally it is, I think, beaten only by Detective Comics in the USA (first published earlier in 1937) and by TBO in Spain (first published in 1917) – if the latter is still going. The Dandy had a major revamp in 2004 aimed at aligning it with the tastes of modern children while keeping it as a comic, rather than turning it into a children’s magazine. It would be a pity if that turns out to have been in vain.


CaraGraham said...

Do you really read the Dandy aswell ?
I love the beano and Dandy it's like my only comic I'v ever read! I collect them every week and have sign up to their clubs and even collected their yearly anuals. Any online vouchers I have bought for amazon I always spend them on beano or dandy things. recently I have just bought a beano comic maker kit and have had great fun designing my own magazins!

Steve Flanagan said...

Hello, Cara. I used to read The Beano and The Dandy all the time when I was young. I'm glad that you enjoy them as much as I did.

These days, I'm more likely to just buy an issue from time to time to see what the writers and artists are doing.

Good luck with your comic making.