Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Not in Previews

The latest issue of Previews includes a relisting of the trade paperback collection of Albion, the underwhelming attempt by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Shane Oakley to launch the back catalogue of comics characters from British publishers Odhams, Fleetway and IPC onto the American market.

The blurb says, “Reoffered to coincide with Albion Origins, solicited in the Titan Books section of this Previews”.

No such volume appears in the Titan Books section, either in the US bit or in the Previews UK listings at the back. It looks like this volume of reprints – which John Reppion says will include Janus Stark, House of Dolmann, Cursitor Doom and Kelly's Eye - has been bumped down the schedule to make room for a collection of the Norwegian goth-girl humour strip Nemi. Ah, the indignities of age.

Amazon has Brian Bolland's cover for Albion Origins, and gives a publication date of 16 October (though Amazon's listed publication dates often turn out to be wrong).

(Click to enlarge.)

Albion cover by Dave Gibbons, DC Comics/Wildstorm
Albion Origins cover by Brian Bolland, Titan Books

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