Monday, 11 June 2007

Panel of the Week

Well, okay, it’s actually two panels, but it’s one image.

And it’s well-staged, with nicely observed postures and facial expressions. But mostly, I just love the fact that, in a retro-styled adventure, Sue Storm’s reaction to the surprise appearance of Electro is not to trap him in an invincible force-field (a power she never had in the Lee/Kirby days, I think), but to sneak up and clobber him with a brick.

If there’d been a panel of Sue actually hitting him, that would have been even better, but Spider-Man fouls that up.

Oh, and isn’t it refreshing to see a super-heroine who knows how to dress up warm?

Spider-Man Family issue 3 “Electrical Problems”, written by Paul Tobin, art by Pierre Alary, colour by Jean Paul Fernandez, lettering by Blambot’s Nate Piekos, edited by Nathan Cosby, Marvel Comics, August 2007

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