Tuesday, 19 June 2007

DC's First Lesbian Wedding

Here's the cover for the upcoming JLA Wedding Special.

How sweet to see Black Canary marrying Wonder Woman. I haven't been paying much attention to their books lately. How long has this romance been going on?

What's that? Canary's marrying Green Arrow? No, no. Black Canary and Wonder Woman are clearly separated from the other figures, foregrounded while everyone else looks at them. If anything, the cover's focus seems to be Wonder Woman's butt. Green Arrow isn't there at all.

No, it can't be Black Canary's hen night. It's got to be the reception: there's a large wedding cake in the background.

You think Superman's supposed to be bursting out of the cake, like a stripper? No, the artist would have made it look more like he was rising dramatically, rather than hovering. He wouldn't have been so silly as to fill the picture with other flying figures who would confuse the point. And he wouldn't have been foolish enough to obscure the bits of flying cake by putting confetti all over the background. Anyway, who throws confetti on a hen night?

What's that? You think DC should institute remedial art classes for its artists and editors, and tell the latter to pay more attention to supporting and enforcing minimum standards of craft, rather than concocting bad crossover stories? Well, we can agree on that, at least.

Cover to JLA Wedding Special Issue 1, art by Ed Benes. Due to go on sale in September 2007. Taken from the list of new DC solicitations at Comic Book Resources


Siskoid said...

See if it is the bachelorette party, then Superman is clearly considered "one of the girls".

SallyP said...

Seriously, he's going to start stripping...any minute now.

Walaka said...

Wow, that's a really bad cover... for a minute I thought I was even more out of touch with current continuity than I actually am.

It's actually a cute idea - just presented poorly.

Jude said...

Awh, the idea of WW and Black Canary getting together is GREAT. It would be a lovely change from EVERYONE CONSTANTLY HAVING THE SAME RELATIONSHIP FOR DECADES.

And if Supes was popping out of the cake, he would totally be wearing just his trunks. I can't imagine he'd be too Boy-Scouty to be willing to wear a bathing suit. Geez.

$tephen said...


If Superman is there, and it is a Hen's night...the Supes and Lois has been the longest running covert lesbian relationship in DC history.