Saturday, 9 June 2007

Blink, and You May Have Missed This

(Not Comics)

My, but Steven Moffat can write a good script. I may even have to watch his Jekyll, even if does star the ever-irritating James Nesbitt.

Anyhow, today’s episode of Doctor Who was the third in a row based on ancillary fiction. “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood” were adapted by Paul Cornell from his novel for Virgin Books’ Doctor Who: New Adventures series, Human Nature, while Moffat reworked parts of “Blink” from his short story “What I Did on My Christmas Holidays, by Sally Sparrow” from the Doctor Who Annual 2006, published by Panini Books. Sally was 12 in that version, which was illustrated by long-time Doctor Who comic strip artist Martin Geraghty, there were no Weeping Angels, and the Doctor was “a man with a leather jacket and enormous ears”, but it was still the best thing in the book.

Good results so far, but let’s hope they stop before adapting “Menace on Metalupiter”.

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