Friday, 18 January 2008

My makeup is dry and it clags on my chin

“We found that clowns are universally disliked by children. Some found them quite frightening and unknowable,” said Dr Penny Curtis from the University of Sheffield, who conducted a study of the best way to decorate children’s wards in hospitals. (BBC News story)

Judy Drood, girl detective, knows how to deal with frightening, unknowable clowns.

And it’s just about time for Friday Night Fights too. Won’t someone help Bahlactus to take off his crown?

Richard Sala The Grave Robber’s Daughter, Fantagraphics, 2006

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Anonymous said...

Oh look, another "twisted take on the traditional girl's own mystery comic". Lets laugh as it's funny and original and has never been done before *click* *canned laughter*