Monday, 7 January 2008

Comeback of the Year So Far

(Well, the year is only a week old.) From the generally rather adorable Teen Titans Year One:

The Flips previously appeared in Teen Titans back in 1965.

With a classy act like that, how could they ever have been forgotten?

Teen Titans Year One issue 1, “In the Beginning …” part 1, written by Amy Wolfram, art by Karl Kerschl, Serge Lapointe and Steph Peru, letters by Nick J Napolitano, edited by Eddie Berganza, DC Comics, March 2008

“The Return of the Teen Titans”, story by Bob Haney, art by Nick Cardy, originally published in Showcase issue 59, DC/National Comics, November-December 1965, reprinted in Showcase Presents Teen Titans volume 1, DC Comics, 2006


Steven said...

I like how The Flips have gone from a pop gimmick band (surfing? on stage?) to singers with emo hair cuts, pouty lips, and an ironically chipper band name, like "Joy Division" or "Frou Frou"

Steve Flanagan said...

I gather that Jack Flip will be writing a new comics series for Dark Horse very soon.

Siskoid said...

The Flips are always trendy. No matter the era. If emo is hip, then the Flips are emo.