Wednesday, 31 October 2007


From ghosties

and ghoulies

and long-leggedy beasties

and things that go bump in the night

good Lord protect us.

(First published by Walter de la Mare as an old Scottish prayer in Come Hither, 1923)

My Dead Girlfriend Volume 1 “A Tryst of Fate” by Eric Wight, Tokyopop, 2006

Buster Gonad and his Unfeasibly Large Testicles, art by Simon Donald, I think, reprinted in Viz: The Sausage Sandwich, John Brown Publishing, 1991

Daredevil “Stilts” by Frank Miller (scripter/storyteller), Klaus Janson (penciller/inker/colourist), Sam Rosen (letterer) and Dennis O’Neil (editor), Daredevil issue 186, September 1982, reprinted in Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 3, Marvel Comics, 2001

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 2 by Alan Moore (writer), Kevin O’Neill (artist), Ben Dimagmaliw (colourist), Todd Klein (letterer) and Scott Dunbier (editor), America’s Best Comics, 2002-2003


Y said...

That My Dead Girlfriend panel reminds me of Winona Ryder coming down the stairs in Beetlejuice to see her parents involved in a séance.

Steve Flanagan said...

"No banana boats were sung about in the construction of this comic ..."