Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Big Red One

I read somewhere that the producers of the 1970s TV series The Incredible Hulk briefly considered painting Lou Ferrigno red rather than green, on the grounds that red was the colour of rage.

In the end, they decided that changing the Hulk’s colour would be a step too far. Perhaps fortunately, they did not follow through the logic of their emotional colour-coding. “Please don’t make me envious; you wouldn’t like me when I’m envious.” It just doesn’t sound right. does it?

Anyway, the new red Hulk unveiled in Marvel’s solicitations for comics on sale in January should at least provide some new variants for the toy manufacturers. Just one thing, though. If green Hulk always wore purple trousers, shouldn’t the standard comics rule (secondary colours with secondaries; primaries with primaries) apply, so that red Hulk wears bright blue?

Cover illustration to Hulk issue 1, Marvel Comics, January 2008. Art by “Edex”, which is Ed McGuiness on pencils and I can’t remember who on inks. Scan pinched from Comic Book Resources

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