Sunday, 2 September 2007

Zero Credit Rating

If you look through the adverts in the latest Previews catalogue for upcoming publications by Virgin Comics, you’ll see that before the writer and artist credits, there is usually a creator credit. So we have Seven Brothers “created by John Woo”, Snake Woman “created by Shekhar Kapur”, Voodoo Child “created by Weston Cage and Nicolas Cage”, and so on.

But there is one glaring exception.

It’s a shame – yes, I think “shame” is the right word – that the phrase “created by Frank Hampson” appears nowhere on that advert. Not that he has been credited on previous revivals, but the context makes his absence all the more stark.


Douglas said...

I think the only time he HAS been credited is in Rian Hughes' Yesterday's Tomorrows. Which is yet another reason that it is a lovely book.

Joe said...

You know I hadn't cottoned to that, but you are quite right. Perhaps Frank is credited inside, but it would have been a nice touch to put his name on the cover somewhere. Also a savvy marketing move since it helps to establish the credentials and pedigree of the character as they try to relaunch him.

Very mixed feelings about this venture - would dearly love to see a successful new Dan Dare series (and the interest it might generate in the classic material too) but also worried about what they will do with him. Update him too much and he isn't Dan Dare, don't make him contemporary enough for modern readers and the project will fail - tricky.