Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Not Great News, Pals

I think that this is the last issue of The Wallace & Gromit Comic. It doesn’t say so explicitly, but the cancellation had been announced in advance, and there’s a short note at the end “to thank all of our readers for supporting our little comic over the years”.

They did things differently in the old days. If past customs still held, there would be a strapline on the cover reading, “Great News Inside, Chums,” trailing an announcement that, as of next month, you’ d be able to enjoy all your favourite features in the brand new Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit Comic.

But no. The age of comic mergers is passed, and the days of rigidly separate brands are upon us. Ah well, sic transit gloria wensleydale.

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Lew Stringer said...

That's a great shame. The comic was really outstanding, with 20 pages of brand new strip every month plus humour features.

Strangely, some fans of British comics avoided it, despite it featuring some top class artwork by the likes of Jimmy Hansen and some inventive scripts by Dan Abnett and others. It really was the Film Fun or TV Comic of the modern age.

I was asked to draw for the comic way back when it started. Regretfully I never found the time but was able to point Steve Bright in their direction, who has been contributing some cracking strips for them recently.