Thursday, 16 August 2007

The Advantages of Time Travel

Never mind all this Booster Gold “time-is-broken-and-I-must-fix-it” stuff. This week’s comics show what time travel is really good for.

Without a time machine, Little Plum is stuck with the Kaiser Chiefs.

With a time machine, the Doctor and Martha can enjoy something a little more … definitive.

(Incidentally, I know he’s been doing it for a while, but I still find it unsettling to see Hunt Emerson drawing for The Beano. It’s like Gilbert Shelton working on Archie Comics, or Crumb drawing Daffy Duck.)

Little Plum, art by Hunt Emerson, The Beano Max issue 7, D C Thomson, September 2007

Doctor Who “Signs of Life” part 1, script by Trevor Baxendale, art by John Ross, colours by Alan Craddock, letters by Paul Vyse, Doctor Who Adventures issue 37, BBC Magazines, 16 August to 29 August 2007


Sean Kleefeld said...

You know, even conceiving of the possibility of a Shelton Archie or a Crumb Daffy is, I believe, enough proof to have you put in a mental institution!

Steve Flanagan said...

Come to think of it, Rick Geary is currently drawing Gumby, which isn't so different.