Friday, 4 May 2007

“Mad Scientists! Marvel Comics!”

Producer Russell T Davies told the Radio Times that his instructions to Stephen Greenhorn, writer of tomorrow’s Doctor Who episode, were, “Marvel Comics! … Give us a good old mad scientist, with an experiment gone wrong, and an outrageous supervillain on the loose.”

Well, I can’t quite picture guest star Mark Gatiss as Doctor Doom, so let’s try the Lizard.

Just a perfunctory post today – I’ve got a heavy cold and am planning on a hot lemon drink and an early night. Unless there are any mad scientists out there with a cure?

No, perhaps best not to try it …

Spider-Man “Face-to-Face with … the Lizard!”, written by Stan Lee, drawn by Steve Ditko, lettered by Artie Simak, The Amazing Spider-Man issue 6, November 1963, reprinted in Marvel Masterworks Volume 1: The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Comics, 1987

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