Saturday, 5 May 2007

How Many Fifth Beatles Are There, Anyway?

From a Newsarama interview with Keith Giffen about 52:

NRAMA: There were a lot of people involved in this thing. It was really a collaborative effort.

KG: It had to be. Well, first of all, we had four writers working on the book every week, so it better be collaborative or we've got big trouble. And Grant Morrison put it best in one of the meetings. He said, my god, it's like a band! We're members of a band!

NRAMA: So what are you in the band?

KG: I'm Pete Best.

Hmm. The guy who took the ideas of the four front men and made them work? No, Keith. You’re George Martin. Have a knighthood.

Layouts by Keith Giffen for 52 issue 49, page 1, DC Comics, 2007. Taken from DC’s 52 website.

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Andrew Hickey said...

That was my thought as well. The metaphor even extends - Wacker could be Norman 'Hurricane' Smith, their pre-Revolver engineer, and Siglain Geoff Emerick...