Sunday, 30 December 2007

DVD Extra

Doctor Who Online reports that one of the extras on the DVD release of the Doctor Who story “The Time Meddler”, due in February, will be:

Stripped for Action - The First Doctor - a look at the First Doctor's comic strip adventures. Features interviews with artist Bill Mevin, comic historians Jeremy Bentham and John Ainsworth, as well as former DWM Editors Gary Russell & Alan Barnes.

Mevin drew the Doctor Who comic strip in TV Comic from October 1965 until April 1966, and so is roughly contemporary with “The Time Meddler”. The last piece of art I saw from him was a new cover he provided for Doctor Who Classic Comics issue 15 (January 1994), which reprinted that Christmas story I blogged about a few days ago.

Ainsworth wrote the definitive catalogue of the old Doctor Who comic strip, Vworp! Vworp!, which also ran in Doctor Who Classic Comics. Bentham is more of an all-round Doctor Who buff than specifically concerned with the comics. (He is also, I gather, related to the famous utilitarian philosopher of the same name, who, among other things, invented a kind of prison called a Panopticon – a name later used for the Time Lord capitol. Small cosmos, isn’t it?) Russell, as well as being a former editor of Doctor Who Magazine (and of Doctor Who Classic Comics), is writing the upcoming Doctor Who comic from IDW.

So it’s a decent set of interviewees. I hope they follow this up with instalments on the other Doctors.

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