Monday, 26 March 2007

Into the World Below

So, if I don’t like the way Shawn MacManus drew undersea scenes in Aquaman, how do I think it should be done?

Here are some good examples by Ron Embleton …

… Frank Bellamy …

… and Jack Kirby.

Bubbles and swirls, bubbles and swirls.

Panels from: Stingray “Atlanta Kidnap Affair” by Alan Fennell (story) and Ron Embleton (art), TV21, Century 21 Publications, reprinted in Stingray … Stand By For Action, Ravette Books, 1992

Garth “People of the Abyss” by Jim Edgar (story) and Frank Bellamy (art), Daily Mirror, 1972, reprinted in Garth Book Two: The Women of Galba, Titan Books, 1985

New Gods “The O’Ryan Gang and the Deep Six”, written and drawn by Jack Kirby, inked by Vince Colletta, New Gods 4, DC Comics, August-September 1971, reprinted in Jack Kirby’s New Gods, DC Comics, 1998

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